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Cultivation of Agriculture Inc.

Cultivation of Agriculture Inc. is a business to business CBD distillation and extraction company with a vested interest in health and wellness. We also manufacture wholesale THC-free full spectrum CBD oil, Hemp oil, crude oil, broad spectrum CBD isolates and CBD tinctures priced competitively for resale. Our services go beyond distillation and extraction to producing the same quality products for our customers using their own grown hemp plants. Our customers in the health, beauty, pet care, nutraceuticals, specialty beverage, food and therapeutics industry all benefit from our high-quality CBD products and services rather used as ingredients or alone.

All of our products are sourced from organic and natural Cannabis (Hemp) plants, grown and cultivated without pesticides or herbicides, containing no GMO ingredients, heavy metals and are 100 % gluten-free. Our facilities are located in Kannapolis, NC where we have our own farm and warehousing allowing us to offer more shipping options and faster service. We’re adequately equipped to fulfill large business to business contracts and orders over 100 kg per month as well as sufficient inventory to cover bulk orders.

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