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Give Us Your Hemp and We'll Do the Rest

At Cultivation of Agriculture Inc.  we understand the importance of cutting cost to maximize profit. Outsourcing the extraction, distillation and other processing or formulations of your hemp plants not only cut cost and maximize profit but it allows you to focus on other areas of business such as customer service, marketing and growth. Once plants are shipped to our facilities, we begin processing your order within 1 to 2 business days. Turnaround times are confirmed at point of sale.

Our products will not be a conflict with our customer's interest as all of our products and services are businesses to business and priced for resale. We do not offer any products to the public. 

Our Services

ethanol extraction.jpg

CBD Extraction

  • We use only High Grade Ethanol to extract CBD

  •  Ethanol extracts the full range of cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant which makes the end product safe for consumption

  • We filter Chlorophyll from final extract

  • Full spectrum hemp extracts and tinctures

  • Extracts THC oil with up to 99% purity, higher than C02.

  • Pricing for Extraction and Distillation as bundled service is available 

cbd distillation.jpeg

CBD Distillation

  • Using short path distillation which individually isolates and concentrates cannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis extracts which is the source of flavor, smell and enhanced effect.

  • Distillates are more than 99% pure

  • Concentrates of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD are extracted from the cannabis plant during this process

  • Distillates can be applied many different ways, by oral, skin application, through vaporization, inhalation and more

cbd isolates.jpg

CBD Isolates

  • Isolates undergo an extreme filtration and winterization

  •  Isolates are 99% pure CBD.

  • Terpenes, non-CBD cannabinoids, chlorophyll, and organic matter is totally removed

  •  Isolates have no scent and no taste making them easy to incorporate into any food, health or beauty product. 

  • CBD isolates can be converted into oil making the oil 99.9% pure

  • Near immediate effects

crude oil11.jpg

CBD Crude Oil Extraction

  • Crude CBD concentrate has an oily like viscosity which is normally dark green or dark brown in color.

  • Solvent extraction is the most common and least expensive method to make CBD Concentrate. The method consists of taking the flowers, leaves, and stalks of a CBD-rich strain of the cannabis plant and soaking them in a solvent.

  • This solvent evaporates away, leaving you with crude CBD oil. It is the CO2 extraction process, however, which results in the cleanest, safest CBD Concentrate.

cbd oil drops.jpg

CBD Tinture

  • While it is still a concentrated form of CBD, with tinctures, the CBD is actually suspended in a small amount of distilled alcohol.

  • The benefits of suspending your CBD in alcohol are primarily the fact that it is extremely easy to administer it into food or take it straight.

  • By using a tincture, you are able to avoid that unwanted bad taste, instead letting it fall easily into food or for direct oral consumption as a supplement. 

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